[Busec] Monday, Shai Halevi, IBM Watson

Raluca Ada Popa ralucap at mit.edu
Thu Feb 9 16:59:27 EST 2012

Hi all,

On Monday, Dr. Shai Halevi from IBM Watson will talk at the security seminar about "Recent advances in homomorphic encryption". Shai is one of the main authors of fully homomorphic encryption schemes and he has also investigated the practical applicability and efficiency of these schemes.


Where: Stata, G575
When: Monday 3pm; February 13, 2012
Speaker: Dr. Shai Halevi, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
Title: Recent advances in homomorphic encryption

Abstract: In this talk I plan to give a survey of the state-of-the-art in
constructions of fully-homomorphic encryption (FHE), with emphasis on
efficiency considerations. The talk is meant as mostly a high-level
overview, and should be accessible without much prior knowledge.

I will begin with a general-purpose introduction to the promise of
FHE, and the challenges involved in making the current constructions
practical. Then I will mention the recent advances of Brakerski-
Vaikuntanathan and Brakerski-Gentry-Vaikuntanathan [BV11b,BGV12],
and talk about the direction of exploiting parallelism, which is
due to Smart and Vercauteren [SV11].

In the last part of the talk I will cover at a more technical level
some of the techniques from the Gentry-Halevi-Smart work that achieves
FHE with only poly-logarithmic overhead [GHS12].

[SV11] N.P. Smart and F. Vercauteren: Fully homomorphic SIMD operations.
Manuscript, 2011.

[BV11b] Z. Brakerski and V. Vaikuntanathan: Efficient fully homomorphic
encryption from (standard) LWE. In FOCS 2011.

[BGV12] Z. Brakerski, C. Gentry, and V. Vaikuntanathan: Fully
homomorphic encryption without bootstrapping. In ITCS 2012.

[GHS12] C. Gentry, S. Halevi, and N.P. Smart: Fully homomorphic
encryption with polylog overhead. In Eurocrypt 2012

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