[Busec] Crypto Reading Group Tomorrow (Dec. 19th) at BU

Sharon Goldberg goldbe at cs.bu.edu
Tue Dec 18 09:22:36 EST 2012

Hi all,

Reforwarding Rachel's email regarding Angela's whiteboard talk
tomorrow.  I didn't recieve it via BUsec for some reason, so maybe
some others didn't either.  Anyway, here it is.


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Hi all,

Next wednesday, we will have our last reading group meeting. Angela
will talk about her recent works on "Signature Schemes secure against
Hard-to-Invert Leakage" and "Is Simulation-Based Leakage Resilience
and Adaptive Security essentially the same?"

Speaker: Angela Zotteral
Time: Dec. 19th, 10:00am.
Location: Boston University Crypto Group Lounge.
              111 Cummington street, Room 135.

Title: Signature Schemes secure against Hard-to-Invert Leakage.

I will show how to overcome (in two different ways) the impossibility
result on signature schemes secure against hard to invert leakage.

Joint work with Sebastian Faust, Carmit Hazay, Jesper B. Nielsen and
Peter S. Nordholt.

Title: Is Simulation-Based Leakage Resilience and Adaptive Security
essentially  the same?

Bitanski, Canetti and Halevi (TCC12) give a general definition of
simulation-based leakage security, we show that such security is hard
to achieve.
1) We show that any encryption protocol tolerating poly-log leakage
must have secret keys that are essentially as long as the messages.
2) We show an equivalence between poly-log leakage-tolerance and
security against adaptive corruption.
These results show that, even for a small amount of leakage, we need
to use very expensive tools to build a leakage-tolerant protocol.

Joint work with Jesper B. Nielsen and Daniele Venturi.


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