[Busec] Six openings for Analysts at Narus, Inc.

Sharon Goldberg goldbe at cs.bu.edu
Sat Dec 8 11:40:51 EST 2012

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Date: Sat, Dec 8, 2012 at 11:19 AM
Subject: Fwd: Fwd: Six openings for Analysts at Narus, Inc.
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Interesting opportunities for graduating students in the area of big data
intersected with networks & security, at Narus.  Please see attached,


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Byers <byers at cs.bu.edu> <byers at cs.bu.edu>

Hi John,

Long time did not hear from you! How is it going?

I am disturbing you as one of my group leader, Prof. Mario Baldi (he
visited me in Boston, I am sure
you remember him), is looking for valid candidates for six Analyst
positions at Narus, Inc. - http://www.narus.com (details in the email
and in the attached file). Mario is still working here in
Torino but also strictly collaborates with Narus.

I was wondering if some of for your guys in Boston might be interested
in this opportunity. Could
you please forward Mario's message to anyone of your group who may be
potentially interested?

Thank you very much.

Hope to see you soon, of course! Maybe next springer at the Infocom
here in Torino!


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Subject: Six openings for Analysts at Narus, Inc.
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2012 16:03:16 -0800
From: Mario Baldi <mbaldi at Narus.com> <mbaldi at Narus.com>
To: Guido Marchetto <guido.marchetto at polito.it> <guido.marchetto at polito.it>

Narus is looking for scientists holding a PhD in Computer Engineering,
Computer Science, Electrical
Engineering, or equivalent field to fill six Analyst positions in its
CTO Organization to conduct
groundbreaking research in the field of big data analytics on network
traffic. Analysts at Narus
have a unique opportunity to conduct scientific work in cooperation
with leading universities
worldwide and prestigious Boeing Research and Technology labs, while
at the same time seeing their
ideas become commercial products deployed by companies, service
providers, and governmental agencies.

We would greatly appreciate if you would refer to
cto_openings at narus.com anyone whom you deem a good
fit for our search and give wide diffusion to this message. It
includes a document describing Narus,
its very effective process turning innovation into successful
products, and the skills sought in
candidate analysts.

Thank you,

The CTO Organization at Narus, Inc.

Sharon Goldberg
Computer Science, Boston University
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