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Wed Dec 5 10:38:44 EST 2012

On Wednesday, December 5, 2012, Nora Conroy wrote:

> Characterizing the Sample Complexity of Private Learners
>   Kobbi Nissim, Ben Gurion University
> *11AM - 12PM* in MCS 148
> The notion of private learning [Kasiviswanathan, Lee, N, Raskhodnikova,
> and Smith '08] is a combination of PAC (probably approximately correct)
> learning [Valiant 84] and differential privacy [Dwork, McSherry, N, and
> Smith '06]. Kasiviswanathan el al. presented a generic construction of
> private learner for finite concept classes, where the sample complexity
> depends logarithmically in the size of the concept class. For concept
> classes of small VC dimension, this sample complexity is significantly
> larger than what is sufficient for non-private learning.
> In this talk I will motivate differential privacy and private learning,
> and will present some of the known bounds on the sample complexity of
> private learners. In particular, a recent characterization of the sample
> complexity as a combinatorial measure of the learned concept class.
> Joint work with Amos Beimel and Uri Stemmer.

Sharon Goldberg
Computer Science, Boston University
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