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 Hi All

Our speaker this coming Friday (August 31) will be Allison Lewko.
She will tell us about pairing-based cryptography. She claims the
talk will be "boring to experts" ... come and see if she can put Boaz
to sleep.

Usual details: Pizza at 1pm, talk 1:15-4:15ish, Shannon room,
12th floor, One Memorial Drive in Cambridge.


 Title: A survey of pairing-based cryptography
Speaker: Allison Lewko (MSR)
We will motivate the use of bilinear maps (aka pairings) in cryptography by
discussing their early applications. We will begin with their initial
application as a tool for breaking schemes and then focus on their very
different role in moving beyond the functionality of public key encryption.
We will also compare the benefits and limitations of pairings with other
cryptographic tools, such as lattices. This talk is intended to be
accessible to non-cryptographers (and may be boring to experts).


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