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Subject: [RISCS-faculty] Riscs-sponsored seminar on Practical Security
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 We are planning to have two seminars on Monday, 8/27:****

** **

1.  Blackhat 2012 recap by Ari Trachtenberg This summer's Blackhat
conference covered yet another frightening array of exploits.  We will
review some of them in technical detail, including:****

** **

*  Devastating attacks on the next generation air-traffic control system.***

*  How an arduino board can quickly break into many hotel rooms.****

*  Cracking random number generation to gain credentials on web services****

                such as Wikipedia, Joomla, and zen cart.****

*  Cyberweapons, morality, and convenience.****

** **

2.  Defcon 2012 recap by Quinn Shamblin****

** **

Hope to see you there,****



Ari Trachtenberg                   Assoc. Prof., ECE****

trachten at bu.edu                    http://people.bu.edu/trachten****

** **

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