[Busec] BUsec this week: Adam ONeill (Tues 11AM)

Sharon Goldberg goldbe at cs.bu.edu
Sun Apr 22 19:05:23 EDT 2012

Hi All,

This Tuesday, Adam will tell us about his new work on functional
encryption. Tuesday 11AM in MCS148, with lunch, and open to the public
as usual.

Also note the reading group tomorrow, Monday, at 11am at MIT, with
Omer leading the discussion.


On Security Notions for Functional Encryption
Speaker: Adam ONeill (BU)
Tuesday 11AM MCS148 (111 Cummington St, Boston)

Abstract: We introduce various security notions for functional
encryption (FE), a concept put forth by Boneh, Sahai, and Waters
(BSW). We study relations among these notions and their achievability.
 First, we show that indistinguishability (IND) and semantic security
(SS) based notions of security are inequivalent for FE in general, in
contrast to the classical setting of public-key encryption.  Then,
extending a result of BSW, we show that the SS notion is impossible to
achieve due to its implicit incorporation of key-revealing
selective-opening attacks (SOA-K). Finally, we put forth several
relaxations of the SS notion to capture sans-SOA-K semantic security
and show they are equivalent to IND for important functionalities
including existing forms of predicate encryption for which positive
results under IND are known.

Parts based on joint work with Mihir Bellare and Srdjan Krstic.

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Hi Everyone,

Monday, April 23rd, we will have our reading group meeting at 9:00am
at MIT. Omer will speak.

Speaker: Omer Paneth
Papers: Cryptography in NC0 by Benny Applebaum, Yuval Ishai, Eyal Kushilevitz
Time:   9:00am--10:30am,  Apr. 23rd, 2012
Location: STATA G631

See you!

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