[Busec] Today at 3pm: Omer Paneth "From Point Obfuscation To 3-round Zero-Knowledge"

Leonid Reyzin reyzin at cs.bu.edu
Fri Apr 13 12:19:11 EDT 2012

This year's TCC "Best Student Paper"

Title: From Point Obfuscation To 3-round Zero-Knowledge
Speaker: Omer Paneth, BU
MCS148, 3PM Friday

We construct 3-round proofs and arguments with negligible soundness error
satisfying two relaxed notions of zero-knowledge: Weak ZK and witness
hiding (WH). At the heart of our constructions lie new techniques based on
point obfuscation with auxiliary input (AIPO). It is known that such
protocols cannot be proven secure using black-box reductions (or
simulation). Our constructions circumvent these lower bounds, utilizing
AIPO (and extensions) as the “non-black-box component” in the security
reduction. We also investigate the relation between AIPO and the
assumptions previously used to achieve 3-round ZK.

Joint work with Nir Bitansky.
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