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Here's the security seminar at MIT. Unfortunately, their meetings
start a 1/2 hour after our meetings end.  Info on subscribing to their
mailing list is in the email below.

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Hi everyone,

We are resuming the security seminar this Fall!

We are moving the seminar to Monday at 3pm due to various conflicts.
Please email me if this time does not work for you.

Our first speaker is Dr. Ben Livshits from Microsoft Research,
Redmond, speaking about browser privacy.


When: Monday, Oct 3, 3pm
Where: Stata G575

Speaker: Dr. Ben Livshits
Title: RePriv: Re-Imagining Content Personalization and In-Browser Privacy

Abstract: RePriv is a browser-based technology that allows for Web
personalization, while controlling the release of private information
within the browser. We demonstrate how to perform mining of core user
interests within a browser. We propose a protocol on top of HTTP that
can be used to seamlessly integrate RePriv with existing Web
infrastructure and also show how pluggable miners can be used to
extract more detailed information and how to check these third-party
miners for privacy leaks.

We show that RePriv's default in-browser mining can be done with no
noticeable overhead to normal browsing, and that the results it
produces converge quickly. We then go on to show similar results for
each of our case studies: that RePriv enables high-quality
personalization, and that the performance impact each case has on the
browser is minimal. We conclude that personalized content and
individual privacy on the Web are not mutually exclusive.

Bio: http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/um/people/livshits/talks.htm
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