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                         Friday Theory Seminar

                     Computer Science Department
         Reliable Information Systems and Cyber Security Center
                             Boston University

Speaker: Jie Wang
        Umass Lowell

Date:   Friday, September 23
Time:   2:00 PM
Place:  Room 148 in 111 Cummington Street

This is the first Friday theory seminar of the semester. We will begin by
doing some scheduling of future talks and the seminar time.



Access Control in Untrusted Cloud Storage using Unidirectional Proxy


We present in this talk a secure cloud storage system to enforce access
over encrypted data stored in untrusted clouds. Our system differentiates
itself from other systems in two key ways. First, we devise a new
unidirectional proxy re-encryption scheme to counter collusion attacks. This
scheme is single-hop and pairing free, allowing cryptographic operations to
be much more efficient. We show that our scheme is secure under the
assumption that the decisional Diffie-Hellman problem is hard. Second, our
system does not involve any trusted third party to perform proxy
re-encryption, thus relaxing the liveness requirements and reducing the
possibility that the trusted third party may become a communication
bottleneck. We carry out extensive experiments and demonstrate the
efficiency of our system. This is joint work with Zach Kissel.


Dr. Jie Wang is Professor and Chair of Computer Science at UMass Lowell. He
is also Director of China Partnerships and Director for the Center for
Network and Information Security. Prof. Wang received his PhD in Computer
Science from Boston University (1991), Master of Engineering in Computer
Science (1985) and Bachelor of Sciences in Computational Mathematics (1982)
both from Zhongshan University.

Dr. Wang has over 20 years of teaching and research experience. He has
worked as a network security consultant in financial industry, and with the
North Carolina General Assembly's Information Technology Study Committee on
network security issues. Dr. Wang's research interests include computational
complexity theory, combinatorial optimization algorithms, computational
medicine, and network security.
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