[Busec] Monday 1PM group meeting - Nir Bitansky

Sharon Goldberg goldbe at cs.bu.edu
Thu Oct 20 19:02:46 EDT 2011

Hi everyone,

On Monday 1PM in MCS137 we'll have lunch and Nir presenting some work
that extends the work Rachel presented a few weeks ago.

See you there,

Leakage-Tolerant Interactive Protocols
Nir Bitansky

In the first part of the talk, I'll describe a framework for
expressing security requirements from interactive protocols in the
presence of arbitrary leakage. Extending the approach presented by
Rachel (of "after the fact leakage"), we refrain from assuming that
leakage is restricted to specific times or specific parts of the
state. In this setting, achieving "perfect leakage-resilience" becomes
impossible; instead, the framework allows capturing different levels
of leakage tolerance (rather than resilience) of protocols, where
security can continuously degrade as leakage grows.

The framework extends the universally composable (UC) security
framework. We also prove a variant of the UC theorem, that enables
modular design and analysis of protocols even in face of general,
non-modular leakage. We then construct leakage-tolerant protocols for
basic tasks, such as, secure-communication, message-authentication,
commitment, oblivious-transfer and zero-knowledge. A central component
in several of our constructions is the observation that resilience to
adaptive party corruptions (in some strong sense) implies
leakage-tolerance in an essentially optimal way.

If time allows, I'll describe how leakage-tolerant
secure-communication can be applied to construct obfuscation
mechanisms for general programs that rely on minimal use of trusted
hardware, and remain secure even if the trusted hardware is leaky.

Sharon Goldberg
Computer Science, Boston University

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