[Busec] Web Pages

Sharon Goldberg goldbe at cs.bu.edu
Mon Mar 28 00:23:25 EDT 2011

Hi BUsec students,

See the note from Azer below.  Can you please take some time to set up
your webpages!

Thanks :)

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From: Bestavros, Azer <best at bu.edu>
Date: Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 12:17 AM
Subject: Web Pages
To: "wing-l at cs.bu.edu" <wing-l at cs.bu.edu>

Dear Student Wingers,

As Sharon noted a couple of weeks ago (to those of us at the Tuesday
joint SEC+Wing meeting), it is important that we have good web pages
for students in the group. I just checked and many of you (already in
the program for about two years) have web pages featuring the default
smiley face and the XOR truth table!! These pages are the first ones
that prospective students check (not to mention those looking for
interns or evaluating your internship applications, etc.)

Can you please do something about this :)



Sharon Goldberg
Computer Science, Boston University

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