[Busec] one more group meeting on Monday! - Info theoretic security

Sharon Goldberg goldbe at cs.bu.edu
Thu Dec 8 15:33:46 EST 2011

Hi Group,

Leo, Omer and I went a very neat talk on info theoretic security at
MIT today by Stefano Tessaro.
So we decided to have Leo cover what he knows about info theoretic
security, for one last pre-holiday group meeting.

See you all Monday 1PM in MCS137 for the usual lunch+crypto!


Information-Theoretic Key Agreement from Close Secrets: A Survey
Speaker: Leo Reyzin

Suppose Alice and Bob start with values w and w', respectively, that
are close according to some metric and are partially secret from the
adversary.  They want to agree on a key that is completely secret,
without using any computational assumptions.  This problem has been
studied for over 25 years and has multiple applications, from quantum
key agreement to user authentication to hardware security.  The talk
surveys some of the work in this area.

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