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Hi All,

I just found out now about this talk at MIT.


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Hi all,

We have a talk today by Dr. Úlfar Erlingsson, security research lead
at Google, about:

Title: Cloud Computing and Software Security

When: Today, 4pm
Where: G575

Abstract: Software-as-a-service can provide great benefits, such as
ubiquitous, reliable access to data, but cloud computing also raises
new challenges and opportunities for computer security. Large-scale
Web services must address both traditional security concerns, such as
user authentication and key management, as well as newer issues like
those raised by the need to maintain users' privacy. At the same time,
cloud computing has innate security advantages, such as its use of
easily updated and malleable software, which enables instrumentation
ranging from individual specialization to large-scale execution
summarization. This talk will briefly outline some of these issues and
potential research topics in cloud security, with examples from
Google's past and current technology efforts used to give context.

Bio: Úlfar Erlingsson leads efforts in security research at Google.
Previously, he has been a researcher at Microsoft Research, an
Associate Professor at Reykjavik University, Iceland, and led security
technology at two startups: GreenBorder and deCODE Genetics. He holds
a PhD in CS from Cornell.

See you there,
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