[Busec] tomorrow 11AM - Ray Sweha on peer-assisted content distribution

Sharon Goldberg goldbe at cs.bu.edu
Mon Apr 25 11:57:32 EDT 2011

Hi All,

Tomorrow we have Ray Sweha (replacing Vatche) presenting on some new
work that was recently accepted to a conference.   Please come by and
give Ray some feedback on his work - 11AM in MCS137!


Angels In the Cloud: A Peer-Assisted Bulk-Synchronous Content
Distribution Service
Speaker: Ray Sweha

Leveraging client upload capacity through peerassisted content
distribution was shown to decrease the load on content providers,
while also improving average distribution times. These benefits,
however, are limited by the disparity between client upload and
download speeds, especially in scenarios requiring a minimum
distribution time (MDT) of a fresh piece of content to a set of
clients. Achieving MDT is crucial for bulk-synchronous applications,
when every client in a set must wait for all other clients in the set
to finish their downloads before being able to make use of the
downloaded content. In this talk, we propose the use of dedicated
servers, which we call angels to accelerate peer-assisted content
distribution in general, and to minimize MDT in particular. An angel
is not itself the content origin, nor is it interested in fully
downloading the content; its only purpose is to enable a peerassisted
content distribution scheme to approach the theoretical lower-bound
for MDT.

To overcome scalability issues inherent in an optimal MDT
construction, we propose and evaluate a content exchange strategy
involving angels, which we call Group Tree. In addition to simulation
results that demonstrate the near optimal performance of our proposed
approach, we present the architecture and implementation of
CLOUDANGELS – a service that allows the elastic, on-the-fly deployment
of angels (in the cloud) to assist a content provider (off the cloud)
in realizing its MDT objective.

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