[Busec] Michael Schapira visit, Thursday April 14

Sharon Goldberg goldbe at cs.bu.edu
Mon Apr 11 00:09:50 EDT 2011

Hi all,

This Thursday Michael Schapira will be visiting me.  Michael works on
game theory and networking, and is currently a postdoc at Princeton
and will soon start as faculty at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
On Thursday he's giving a colloquium at at 11AM in MCS137 (tentatively
awaiting confirmation about rooms) on his game theory work.  Please
let me know if you'd like to meet Michael on Thursday, and please do
come to his colloquium!


Title: Distributed Computing with Rules of Thumb
Speaker: Michael Schapira, Princeton University

Dynamic environments where computational nodes (either machines or humans)
repeatedly interact include Internet protocols, large-scale markets,
and multi-processor computer architectures. In many such settings, the
prescribed behavior
for the nodes is simple, natural and myopic, i.e., a "rule of thumb".
This often reflects
the desire or necessity for nodes to provide quick responses and have a limited
computational burden. Such behaviors include "repeated best response"
and "regret minimization", which have been extensively studied in game
theory and economics. We ask two general questions: (1) When is
convergence of the
resulting system dynamics to an equilibrium point guaranteed even when nodes'
interaction is not synchronized (e.g., as in Internet environments)? and
(2) When is it best for a long-sighted participant to follow the prescribed

Joint work with
Aaron D. Jaggard and Rebecca N. Wright (2011)
Noam Nisan, Gregory Valiant and Aviv Zohar (2011)
Alex Fabrikant (in progress)

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