[builds-list] Myths of Computer Security Talk by Draper Labs Tonight @ 7PM

Eugene Kolo eugenek at bu.edu
Wed Apr 19 15:13:28 EDT 2017

*Tonight at 7PM in the Hariri Institute (Attached to 111 Cummington) WICS
and BUILDS will be hosting Curtis Walker from Draper Labs, presenting Myths
of Computer Security. This should be an interesting talk and a get info
session, and networking event. *

Curtis Walker runs the Offensive Security Lab at Charles Stark Draper
Laboratory. Curtis Walker have been writing exploits for over 20 years now,
and I was one of the original hackers back when it all started in the 90s.
The laboratory specializes in the design, development, and deployment of
advanced technology solutions to problems in national security, space
exploration, health care and energy in Cambridge, MA.

>From Curtis: "At Draper, we do some of the most innovative offensive and
defensive security in the world. On the offensive side, we hack all kinds
of things including IoT devices, and bigger targets including missiles,
space vehicles, ships, etc. On the defensive side we are building the first
inherently secure processor built atop of a RISC-V chip using a tagged

Draper has open positions for internships, co-ops and fellowships. Draper
would also assist with paying for in graduate school. Companies like Google
offer you 20% time to work on your passion and interest during work hours.
Draper offers the opportunity to work 100% of your time on what interests
you most."

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1414670431887453/

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