[builds-list] Fwd: CSAW CTF + MITRE CTF this weekend with 0xBU

Eugene Kolo eugenek at bu.edu
Fri Sep 16 10:54:46 EDT 2016

Hello all,

CSAW CTF (https://ctf.csaw.io/)
MITRE CTF (https://scoreboard.mitrestemctf.org/challenges)

CSAW is typically a great CTF, and has some interesting fun categories,
trivia and social engineering, for people just trying to experience a CTF.
Alongside it are more typical CTF problems.

MITRE CTF is a new CTF organized by www.mitre.org who are local to MA. It's
one of the easier CTFs, and a great starting point for anybody interested
in learning.

Come to BUILDS at 12PM, Noon on Saturday, Sept 17 to grill some challenges

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