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Eugene Kolo eugenek at bu.edu
Fri Oct 21 16:13:06 EDT 2016

Hey all,

BU's cyber security club, 0xBU, has grown a lot since beginning in January
this year. I'm excited to see where it is today, and all the people who
attend and contribute.

In order to continue growing, we've identified three areas that we'd like
additional leadership in.

*Infrastructure* - In order to grow, for us to learn, and to have pride in
our club we're interested in setting up appropriate technical
infrastructure. Currently the main projects for this are: website,
wargaming platform (scarlet alert), hacking VMs, and an internal scratch
Linux server.

The current state of infrastructure is good, but we need several pushes to
make it great. Particularly, Scarlet Alert is nearly complete, and stable,
but requires some finalizations before release. This game platform can be
used by 0xBU club members to learn from, and internally compete.
Additionally, we have some aspirations to release it world wide. How cool
would it be to run a wargaming platform? If working on this or the other
infrastructure challenges, by either leading and delegating tasks, or
taking technical ownership interests you, please email me back.

*Presentation* - Learning in engaged workshops is a fan favorite among
members. In order to sustain that better, we need more people contributing
presentations, and workshops that they make. There's no need to be an
expert, but something like solving a few CTF challenges and creating a
simple powerpoint detailing the steps you took is great. Other members
really appreciate this, and it's actually the best way to perfect your own
knowledge in something. We're looking for presenters, and perhaps a leader
to help find these presenters, and to organize special presentations. If
creating presentations, or helping organize presentations interests you,
please email me back.

*Administration* - There are a lot of resources that BU offers, as well as
numerous events happening in and around Boston. We'd like to take advantage
of these resources, and events better. This includes properly applying for
BU club funding for things like pizza and drinks in 48-hour CTF
competitions. Additionally, getting in contact, and inviting guest speakers
is something that a lot of members would appreciate, and BU SAO would be
willing to provide funding for. If organizing events, and finding resources
to make the events great interests you, please email me back.

If any of these 3 growth areas interests you, please email me back (
eugenek at bu.edu). You'll be fully credited, and they're great opportunities
to boost resumes via technical, presentation, or leadership skills.
Guidance is there additionally from me, and other members of the club.

eugenek at bu.edu
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