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Are you interested in cutting edge security research? Professor Goldberg
has some positions for security research internships. See below:

*Job 1: Network Measurement for Network Time *

We are looking for a student to work as part of our team that is studying
the security of the Network Time Protocol (NTP). Our work on NTP has been
by <https://threatpost.com/novel-ntp-attacks-roll-back-time/115138/> several
news <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtGigJFG5zg> outlets
and we were are currently in the middle of several new projects. This
project involves (1) collecting data on vulnerable NTP system by scanning
the Internet (2) parsing and analyzing the data. As part of this work, you
will also learn some cryptography as well as understand how to analyze the
security of deployed network systems. *Must haves:* (1) Background in
computer networking (for example, having taken CS558 or CS455 or CS655).
(2) Experience with Python and wireshark.

*Email your resume to goldbe || at || cs || bu || edu AND aanchal4 || bu ||
edu .*

*Job 2: Bitcoin Development *

We are researching and building a protocol to help make Bitcoin
transactions faster and safer. We are looking for a student to work as part
of our team to develop a working prototype of this protocol. *Must have:*
(1) Interest in Bitcoin. (2) Either C++ or Python experience, hopefully
both. (3) Be a very careful programmer. *Nice to have:* (1) A background in
crypto or number theory. (2) Working knowledge of Bitcoin. (3) Experience
building large maintainable projects or in Test Driven Development.

*Email your resume to goldbe || at || cs || bu || edu AND ethan || r ||
heilman || gmail || com .*

*All internships are paid on an hourly basis. Hours/week is negotiable. You
will have a desk in the BUSEC lab.*
Sharon Goldberg
Computer Science, Boston University
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