[builds-list] Exciting Entry Level CTF this Saturday and next Thursday

Eugene Kolo eugenek at bu.edu
Wed Mar 16 14:36:21 EDT 2016

Hello hackers,

A lot of people are interested in doing an entry level CTF, and this
weekend is a perfect opportunity for this. On Saturday LASACTF (
https://lasactf.com/) begins, and it ends a week later. The challenges will
be accessible, educational, and fun.

*We'll be meeting Saturday @ 2PM in BUILDS. I will work on getting pizza.*
We'll also continue playing the CTF next Thursday during the regular
meeting @ 7PM.

https://lasactf.com/ - We're registered as 013u (Octal 0xBU). Play
remotely, and join us on IRC/slack if you can't come.

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