[builds-list] SSCTF This weekend! Starts 7pm tonight - Team invite code inside

Andrew Pellitieri kierke at bu.edu
Fri Feb 26 17:03:21 EST 2016

Hey guys - if you're looking to CTF with 0xBU this weekend at SSCTF 7pm
tonight to 7pm Sunday I have some information for you:

First of all: get in the irc chat at #0xBU or 0xBU.slack.com to coordinate
with the other players. I am playing remote so not sure who will be in the
builds room but make sure you're in the chat if you want to exchange info.

I registered the team - this ctf requires each member to make their own
account and enter the team code to join the team, here are the steps:
1. go here and click the 'i' -> http://lab.seclover.com/

2. if you're prompted to translate page I recommend clicking options and
turning on always translate Chinese to avoid getting prompted every page
you click, the ctf has put some translations but I still recommend
translating everything. If the page doesn't auto translate you can right
click and press translate to english

3. click login - you will be prompted to create an xctf or something, just
register a new account with this team invitation code to join the team:

4. At 7pm check out the challenges, solve them and profit. The site even
says: "" ... whatever that means

Flag form: most flag form is SSCTF{xxx}, flag is xxx. If the flag is in
other ways, we will have separate instructions in title.

Happy hacking!

Drew Pellitieri
M.S. Computer Engineering
Boston University
kierke at bu.edu

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On Mon, Jan 25, 2016 at 12:22 PM, AJ Trainor <linus at bu.edu> wrote:

> Thank you all for coming to our first meeting and signing up for the
> mailing list.
>         First and foremost, we would like to announce some motivation for
> participation in these weekly events. For many years now, BUILDS has
> been fielding a CTF team for various events. These Hack Nights are
> meant to be a recruiting/practice tool for fielding this year's team,
> and hopefully building an infrastructure to work off of for next year.
> * NorthSec CTF:*
> To that end, we would like to inform you all that participation in CTFs
> this year provides an opportunity to accompany BUILDS members and alums to
> one of our favorite CTFs, NorthSec which is held in person in Montreal each
> May, and provides *unlimited free beer to all participants. *Traditionally
> NorthSec acts as an end of the year celebration for the CTF team and a
> reward for a year of hard work*.*
> * Sharif CTF:*
> On a more urgent note, our first CTF of this semester will be Sharif
> CTF. The competition runs for 36 hours beginning
> *Friday Feb. 5th @ 1:30pm*. It is online, so we will likely be playing
> from BUILDS and
> trying to catch as much of the competition as possible. I hope to see
> you all there!
> * BUILDS Lockpicking Workshop:*
> If you have not yet been informed, BUILDS will be hosting a
> Lockpicking workshop this *Wednesday @ 7pm in MCS B33* (In case its
> not clear, these are physical locks which normally require a key). Toool
> (The Open Organization of Lockpickers) is bringing some of the tools
> and expertise to BU to teach beginner lockpicking. They will have pick
> sets and practice locks for use at the event, and for sale if you would
> like to take them home and keep practicing. Anyone and everyone is welcome!
> * This Week's Meeting:*
> We will be reviewing the shell, command line, and scripting. We will
> be learning how to do dynamic analysis and reverse engineering with
> gdb, and IDA Pro. We have a fun night prepared, with a bunch of demos
> and workshops. We will also go over last week's challenge, cmd1 @
> http://pwnable.kr.
> Please have a laptop you can follow along with to fully get the most
> out of this meeting. As a reminder our repo to see slides and any
> other notes is at: https://github.com/buhacknight/main. Be sure to
> stop by our IRC channel as well (#buhacknight on freenode).
> * This Weekend:*
> Eugene will be at BUILDS this weekend giving a tutorial on how to set
> up a hacker computer. This includes the system administration of a
> remote server, how to install tools on Linux, OSX, Windows, and
> introducing some useful utility applications. If time and interest
> exists, we will also solve/attempt old CTF challenges. This is useful
> preparation if you want to participate in a CTF. Come if you want help
> in configuring or using anything on a computer.
> *Saturday Jan. 30, BUILDS Room (MCS B26) @ 2PM.*
> * EC700:*
> For those of you who are having trouble getting into high-level
> classes and want to learn more about security, Professor Manuel Egele
> is teaching an awesome research-oriented Defense, Vulnerability, and
> Malware course, EC700. The class can easily be applied to a CS degree
> if you are a CS major, and its one of the best ways to gain an
> in-depth security background at BU. I highly recommend taking it if
> you have the time to dedicate as it is a unique opportunity to do
> security research at BU and learn a ton in the process.
> --AJ & Eugene
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