[builds-list] Hack Night + Cybersecurity Factory Presentation

AJ Trainor linus at bu.edu
Mon Feb 1 21:41:14 EST 2016

< Thursday 2/4 from 7-9pm in MCS B31 >

For this week's Hack Night, Frank Wang of Cybersecurity Factory is coming
to give a short presentation about his project (description below) and is
providing *PIZZA *for everyone. After we hear from Frank, we will be doing
an entirely hands-on / powerpoint free night of hacking and CTF practice.
Bring your laptop and come hack with us!

Security has become a hot topic given recent hacks of major corporations,
like Sony, Home Depot, and Anthem. However, those hacks were easily
preventable with the correct technology. The problem is that many times,
security research is not being properly commercialized. In this talk, learn
about some cutting-edge security research being done in universities, their
barriers to adoption, and the need to bridge the gap between academia and
industry, motivating the formation of a cybersecurity accelerator focused
on students, The Cybersecurity Factory (cybersecurityfactory.com).

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