[builds-list] 0xBU Meeting This Weekend

Eugene Kolo eugenek at bu.edu
Fri Dec 2 23:56:21 EST 2016

Hey all,

This weekend (Saturday 12PM @ MCS B26) we'll give https://www.pwnerrank.com/
a try. It's a new Wargaming/CTF game whose mission is to teach security.
The challenges seem to vary in difficult, and overall seem very fun. Be
sure to make an account, and try some challenge yourself before the meeting.

*Additionally, I will introduce a semester long competition, MITRE's
Embedded CTF (eCTF), this weekend.* The eCTF is a great opportunity to
learn embedded building, and hacking. I'll discuss some opportunities to do
an independent study with a professor (for course credit!) and participate
in it. So if you're interested in building, and hacking hardware, please
come by. If you can't attend, but are still interested in this, reply back
to me.

eugenek at bu.edu


"The MITRE Corporation (https://mitre.org) is planning our second
Collegiate Embedded Capture-the-Flag (eCTF) competition to begin early next
year and would love to include a team of students from Boston University.
The eCTF is a two-phase competition with attack and defense components. The
first phase has the students designing and building a secure system based
on a set of challenge requirements. The second phase involves analyzing and
attacking the other teams’ designs.  While next year’s event will have a
different challenge, details of the previous competition can be found at
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