[builds-list] ASC Twitter Poll

Sean Smith swsmith at bu.edu
Mon Apr 11 08:01:03 EDT 2016

A couple of us are travelling to China and we need your help. Place a vote for
Boston Green Team on the following poll. Should we win we'll win 5000 CNY ($773)
which will help a lot with travel expenses.
ASC HPC Challenge
@aschpc · April 8, 2016 (1/4) Let’s go, Week 4! Votes are up, changes are up! What are you waiting for! Twitter
Thanks for your support! Sean Smith
Students going are Sean Smith CS 2017, Wasim Khan ECE '17, Hannah Gibson ECE
'17, Satoe Sakuma CS '17 , Winston Chen ECE '16, and Quingquing Xiong ECE PHD.
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