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EFF is working with the Center for Civic Media at MIT to organize the Freedom
to Innovate Summit <http://freedom2innovate.mit.edu/> (F2i) at the MIT
Media Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts on October 10 and 11. The conference
will bring together student innovators and researchers to discuss how to
defend student tinkerers.

This gathering comes at a crucial time, as innovators confront mounting
threats from copyright holders under a regime that often marginalizes fair
use, as well as opportunistically aggressive government agencies and

Unfortunately, overbroad and outdated laws can impose serious repercussions
for these actions. Sometimes, legal threats emerge because local
authorities are technologically illiterate, such as when one MIT student
was arrested (and very nearly killed) for wearing lights on her shirt
<http://boingboing.net/2008/09/22/star-simpson-one-yea.html>, and another
was sued for making a Bitcoin app
<https://www.eff.org/cases/rubin-v-new-jersey-tidbit>. More recently, even
high school students have been impacted, with 14 year-old Ahmed Mohamed
dragged out of school
handcuffs after a teacher mistook his homemade digital clock for an

If you are interested in this conference please join this facebook group:


And register here:


A group of BUILDS members will be going and we'd love it if you came with


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