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Sean Smith swsmith at bu.edu
Wed Sep 16 15:58:37 EDT 2015


Open Democracy Foundation (opendf) hopes to rethink the way governments
around the could work better. With the advent of computer science and the
internet, classical problems that governments face are no longer unsolvable
problems. opendf hopes to incubate research and projects that exploit
advances in technology to solve the greatest political problems in the

What we do is politics for nerds and glory for hackers.

Today I'll present about "Blockchain Project 0" that opendf will be
undertaking. The presentation will include a general overview, scope,
motivation and invitation for collaborators.

Collaborators will have the chance to take part in all the activities of
opendf and become part of the core community that will lead the project
into the future. We will also discuss some of the ideas, possibilities and
dive into the technical details after the short presentation.

If you're interested in Open Democracy Foundation  please come to the
meeting tonight in *MCS B26 @ 7pm.*


Radhakrishna Sanka
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