[builds-list] CTF Workshop - Bash/Shell Injection

AJ Trainor linus at bu.edu
Tue Oct 20 11:20:29 EDT 2015

My apologies for such late notice but there WILL be a CTF Workshop tonight
at 6:30 in MCS B31 as usual.

This week I intend to cover some material on bash scripting and shell
injections. Bash is an incredibly powerful scripting language in addition
to being a very widely used shell environment. It is so powerful, that
writing C code that calls out to Bash is incredibly dangerous because it
allows for an incredible number of privilege escalations or access

Additionally, be sure to stop by and ask questions about the Binary
Exploitation workshops if you have any. There is so much material on the VM
just waiting to be exploited and I'm glad to help anyone working on these

Office of Undergraduate Hacking Chairman
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