[builds-list] CTF Workshop - Pwning Review & Intro Python

AJ Trainor linus at bu.edu
Mon Oct 5 21:26:41 EDT 2015

Hey Hackers!

For this week's workshop, we'll start with some review/answering questions
about Saturday's class. For anyone who missed the event, just download the
VM (from here: http://security.cs.rpi.edu/~jblackthorne/MalwareAnalyst_1.ova)
drop by tomorrow at 6:30PM in MCS B31 so we can get you up and running. For
those of you who were there, you can keep working on further challenges
with people there to help.

After that, we'll switch over to some introductory python instruction to
show you how python and its many libraries can be used in a CTF
environment. Hope to see you all there!

Chairman of the Office of Undergraduate Hacking
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