[builds-list] Modern Binary Exploitation Workshop [IMPORTANT]

AJ Trainor linus at bu.edu
Thu Oct 1 11:52:29 EDT 2015

For those who have not yet heard about this Saturday's Binary Exploitation
Workshop, consider this your introduction. BUILDS is partnering with some
professional security researchers from MIT's Lincoln Laboratory to put on a
workshop series on Modern Binary Exploitation. Every Saturday from
Noon-3pm, Evan Jensen and Jeremy Blackthorne will be teaching a free course
on how to reverse engineer binaries and write exploits. This week's will be
starting from zero, so no experience will be necessary. By the end of the
set of classes, you should be able to write exploits for a large variety of
applications under adverse conditions. This knowledge can take you to great
heights, CTF community fame, and even earn you a spot working alongside
Jeremy and Evan in the Lincoln Labs Cyber Systems Assessment Department.

You *MUST* download the 11GB Windows Virtual Machine here:

md5sum: 500333e97649228e92b0187a468f2cfc

And get it to run in VirtualBox or VMware Player on your laptop (which
should be brought to the workshop).

If you have any trouble with this, send an email to linus at bu.edu and I can
help you get things running. The ova file should just open in VirtualBox on
any platform without any complicated setup.

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