[builds-list] Binary Exploitation Workshop: Let the Pwning begin!

AJ Trainor linus at bu.edu
Tue Nov 10 11:44:27 EST 2015

The Binary Exploitation workshops are back! And this week we will be
changing focus from Reverse Engineering (dissecting binaries to figure out
what they do) to Pwning/Exploitation (finding out what a binary does so
that you can force the program to break and force it to execute
instructions it was never intended to).

We are approaching this topic change in such a way where anyone who has
missed earlier workshops should be able to jump in this week and not feel
behind. So if you are at all interested in learning about this awesome
security field, make sure you stop by this *Saturday from Noon to 3* and
join in the fun.

If this is your first workshop, just be sure to get this VM:
Installed and running on your laptop so that you can use it in the workshop.

Chairman of the Office of Undergraduate Hacking
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