[builds-list] BUILDS E-Board/Officer Election

Allan Wirth wirtha at bu.edu
Sun Mar 22 21:58:43 EDT 2015


Elections for E-Board are upon us.

Individuals who want to run for an office should email acm at bu.edu with the
position they want to run for and some reasoning. On Wednesday, April 1st
at the BUILDS meeting, candidates are welcome to give a brief(!) speech, if
so desired. The deadline for being on the ballot is Tuesday, April 7th,
2015. Candidates are welcome to run for multiple positions.

Voting will occur on Wednesday, April 8th in the boat room, where an
impartial vote counter will be present. Those who cannot show up in person
can send acm at bu.edu and email and your vote will be counted. You should be
a (current) BUILDS member to cast a vote. Winners will be announced at the
BUILDS meeting on April 8th.

Below are descriptions of historically the roles that each position has

  - Must lead meetings
  - Must interface with Advisor (Leonid Reyzin), CS Department, ECE
department, etc.
  - Should interface with SAO
  - May make decisions for BUILDS in times of extreme crisis. Have final
say in a moment of deadlock.
  - Should be wise.

  - Must lead by example (do projects!)
  - Should enforce policies
  - Should have a role in interfacing with other student groups.
  - Should lead meetings when President is not present.

  - Must be the main handler of $$
  - Should be willing to be the main interface to SAO

  - Must take meeting minutes
  - Must manage BUILDS list and BUILDS facebook group.
  - Should help maintain some social media presence if deemed necissary
  - Should manage website (may delegate)
  - Should help wherever necessary
  - May have some hand in IT management of BUILDS (suggested).

Allan Wirth
President of BUILDS
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