[builds-list] iCTF TOMORROW NOON-8PM

AJ Trainor linus at bu.edu
Thu Dec 3 15:37:15 EST 2015

Hello Everyone!

The most anticipated ctf of this semester, iCTF, is being held tomorrow
from noon to 8pm eastern time. I hope to see you all in BUILDS to join in
on the fun. We have had a lot of people on hand helping to organize our
team, and to setup for the incredibly complex CTF infrastructure. Thank you
all for that assistance, hopefully we can turn all of this hard work into a
great performance at the event.

To that end, I encourage anyone interested in participating in the ctf to
join the #ictf channel on our Slack network:

Anyone with a bu.edu email should be able to join without an invite. In
that channel there is a lot of discussion about our setup, and I will be
distributing various connection/login/etc information as the setup is
finalized and the competition approaches.

The general format of the CTF is attack-defense. In this case, each team
submitted a vulnerable service to the competition. This means that every
team is running ~20 services on a vulnerable VM (one of each team's
submissions). The teams are then tasked with securing their vulnerable
services, while keeping them operational, and simultaneously exploiting the
vulnerable services that are running on everyone else's machines.

This setup makes for a very fast-paced and tense competition of hacking
people before they hack you. It should be awesome and I hope to see you all

Chairman of the Office of Undergraduate Hacking
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