[builds-list] BUILDS - The Full Github Workshop Tomorrow

Huy Le huyle333 at bu.edu
Tue Sep 23 13:33:19 EDT 2014

Hi everyone,

Tomorrow at MCS B26 in the BUILDS room, we'll be having a BUILDS - Full
Github Workshop from 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM! Quentin will go over installation
for the new comers, explain the art of push and pull, merging, branching,
backtracking, and software development methologies!

Github and Git are resources that you need to learn if you collaborate on
projects involving code, programming, or design.

If you are a graphic or web designer and want to keep every version of an
image or layout (which you certainly would), it is very wise to use a
Version Control System (VCS).

Github is called a Version Control System for a reason. Working on
progressive projects, you're continually perfecting your work, and Git
provides you with the fail-safe that allows you to recall any specific
version pushed onto Github. It's great!

Come by our room (the room with BUILDS on the front of the door) at 7:00 PM
if you want to learn Github. We'll be having our regular meeting at 6:30 PM


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