[builds-list] a BUILDs - Node.js and Express.js Workshop on Wednesday

Huy Le huyle333 at bu.edu
Mon Oct 20 23:52:33 EDT 2014

Hi everyone,

On Wednesday, 7:00 PM at MCS B33, we'll have a Node.js and Express.js intro

This workshop is more of an introduction to the two tools if you have never
heard of them or don't know too much about them.

You may have heard some things about Node.js and Express.js. Server side
JavaScript. Hmmmm. Real-time applications. Great!

There's good speed, reusability, and easability in Node.js, so come by this
Wednesday at MCS B33 if you're interested to hear more. We'll be having our
regular meeting in MCS B26 at 6:30 PM.

Facebook Event:

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