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Hi Folks,

Last summer following PyData Boston we created a spin-off Meetup group for
Python + Data Science given there is growing interest in this area.


Next Wednesday Peter Prettenhofer of DataRobot will be giving a talk on
Gradient Boosted Regression Trees (GBRT) which is a powerful statistical
learning technique with applications in a variety of areas, ranging from
web page ranking to environmental niche modeling.  He will be using
Python's scikit-learn to apply the technique to various examples. Please
see the following event page for more info.


Please note the talk will include a mathematical front-end, and so for
non-Python users this may be of help.  For R-Users, there are various
R-libraries, such as gbm, brt, dismo, that pertain to this analytic
technique.  Some of the R-bloggers articles may be of help, too.


Best Regards,

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