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> Hi All,
> On Thursday April 3rd we will have our next meetup event at hack/reduce at
> 6:30pm. Daniel Lobo, a Postdoctoral Associate at the Biology Department
> at Tufts University, will be giving at a talk titled "AI in the wet lab:
> automated discovery of models of biological pattern formation". His talk
> will focus on how artificial intelligence and data mining can be the key to
> decipher not only on how certain Biological organisms have an outstanding
> capacity to create and regenerate specific complex patterns and shapes, but
> many other experimental complex systems that abound in science.
> For those of you who missed my *D3 for Data Visualization* talk in
> January I'll be doing what essential is a repeat at Venture Café this
> Thursday. The talk will take place at 6:30pm in the Havana conference
> room on the Fifth floor at CIC (One Broadway, Cambridge). The weekly
> Venture café networking event ( free beer! ) alone is worth the trip so
> hope to see some of you there. Event details here at
> http://www.vencaf.org/calendar
> One of our main sponsors hack/reduce is hosting a day long skill building
> event focused on programming, design and data analysis. The event billed "*37
> Billion Mile Datathon*" is will be held this Saturday March 22nd and you
> can find full details here<https://www.eventbrite.com/e/37-billion-mile-datathon-tickets-10840318685>
> Greentown Labs in Somerville is hosting the Boston *Cleanweb Hackathon *and
> Data Jam Challenge on April 4-6th.  This is a two-day prize competition
> is to demonstrate the impact of applying information technologies to energy
> and resource constraints, known as the cleanweb and help solve some of our
> biggest energy and sustainability problems. According to the organizers
> there will be great food, cool attendees, and the chance to win thousands
> of dollars in prizes. Full details here <http://www.cleanwebhackathon.com>
> *Jobs*
> EMC has a new position for a highly motivated, hands on, Senior Data
> Scientist to develop the methodologies and algorithms for extracting
> information and actionable insights from structured and unstructured data. Please
> email Marik Marshak at for details at m_marshak at hotmail.com
> Here's a job that's a little different since I know they're a large cohort
> of members with an interest in music. Colin Smyth is looking for a gifted
> and upbeat web designer/developer to join the coolest department at Greater
> Media: the Digital Department. Please email him at -
> csmyth at greatermediaboston.com if interested.
> Best regards,
> Sheamus.
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> support at meetup.com
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