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[This comes from a friend of mine; Eric founded the Instructables site.
 Please reply to him and not me; I know nothing more than what's below.]

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Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2014 10:30:20 -0700
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Subject: Software Engineer, 3D Printing - In Cambridge, MA!

I'm looking for a software engineer to help me build some cool tools for 3D
printing new materials. This position is located in Cambridge!

But wait, you say! Autodesk's MA office is in Waltham. Is this some kind of
trick to make Waltham seem cool? No, it's not! I have established a secret
lab in Cambridge with some of the top experts in this field! Please pass
this around to people who might be interested.

*Software Engineer, 3D Printing*


As a global leader in 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software,
Autodesk helps people imagine, design, and create a better world. The
Autodesk Consumer Group is a new and exciting team that is passionate about
providing powerful and fun design and visualization tools, platforms,
websites and communities that unlock the creativity in everyone. Whether
it's a kid looking to have some fun, a seasoned pro, or just someone who
wants to amp up their creativity, the ACG is all about helping them turn
their ideas into reality and share them with the world.

*Job Title and Number*: Software Engineer, 3D Printing,
*Location*: Cambridge, MA

We are seeking an exceptional Software Engineer to help us design and
develop the next generation of integrated 3D printing software. You will be
working in a research environment with a diverse team of 3D printing
experts aiming to make an impact on the way we fabricate the objects of the
future. Using your software expertise, you will create compelling prototype
design tools at the intersection of 3D printing and electronics. These
prototypes will have the potential to reach millions of people through the
Autodesk 123D family, that includes everything from digital sculpting to
accessible circuit design. As a Software Engineer working in this exciting
new team, you will have a huge impact on how we enable new forms of 3D
printing in the future.

*Principal Duties and Responsibilities*:
o  Develop software systems and prototype applications at the
   intersection of 3D printing and electronics.
o  Collaborate with a diverse team of researchers, product designers,
   product managers, engineers, and scientists to create fully
   integrated 3D printing software.
o  Deliver 3D design and fabrication software that leverages cutting
   edge research to deliver a seamless user experience.

*Position Requirements*:
o  Passion for working with 3D printing and electronics.
o  BS or MS in Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering or other
   relevant field.
o  Knowledge and experience in computer graphics, 3D design, and
   geometric modeling.
o  Hands-on experience developing complete graphical applications,
   either through prototypes or real world applications.
o  Experience with client/server architecture and web technologies
   such as JavaScript, HTML5, and WebGL.
o  Working knowledge of electronic circuit design.
o  Experience with high-level software design, APIs, and software
o  Self-directed and focused, requiring minimal supervision to
   execute on goals
o  Strong communication skills with the ability to converse fluently
   to a range of different team members.
o  Keen interest in scientific research and applying it to real
   world problems.
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