[builds-list] Meeting Minutes 2014-01-22

Christopher Woodall cwoodall at bu.edu
Sat Jan 25 17:55:58 EST 2014

Notes recorded from BUILDS meeting
Recorded 1/22/14 by George Silvis, III

First BUILDS meeting of the semester---lots of new people!

- Who We Are
  - Chris Woodall (cwoodall at bu.edu), president, senior, ECE
  - Allan Wirth (wirtha at bu.edu), vice-president, junior, computer science
  - George Silvis, III (gsilvis at bu.edu), secretary, senior, mathematics
  - Andrew Mohn (amohn9 at bu.edu), treasurer, senior, mathematics

- Past Events
  - MHack
    - [Winston](winstonc at bu.edu) and [Huy](huyle333 at bu.edu) went there
    - Happened in Detroit!  (Not Ann Arbor?)
    - Worked on a website for monitoring status of smoke detectors
    - Some other cool stuff people made
      - A high school team (who won!) made an application for
swipe-automating common tasks on desktops
    - See more stuff at http://mhackswinter14.challengepost.com
  - Student Cluster Competition, at Denver Supercomputing conference
    - High performance computing for scientific computation
    - Michael (mgabed at bu.edu) has been doing it for a while
      - Contact him for details of past and future events

- Upcoming Hackathons
  - HAMR!
    - January 25-26th, Columbia University
    - Deadline to sign up passed already, but Kenshin (ben10 at bu.edu)
will be going
  - Hack at Brown
    - Also this weekend---we'll get some updates next week about what happened!
  - MakeMIT
    - Single day, February 13th, hardware oriented hackathon
    - Prototype/design phase soon
    - Chris (cwoodall at bu.edu) will definitely be competing---he'll set
up a team too
      - He'll send out details soon
  - make_BU
    - Unlike MakeMIT, not hardware specific
    - Kickoff Hack Night!
      - At the new EPIC building
      - Wednesday, January 29th, 8:00
      - Organization meeting for MakeBU itself, and a hack night
    - [make_BU](http://makebu.org) itself is taking place
      - Organized by CE++, BUILDS, ECE dept, CS dept, Global Apps
Initiative, Women in Computer Science...
      - Happening late in March. Most likely March 21-22.
      - Chris has been working on setting this up with Igor (CE++),
Connor (a bunch of things) and Habib (GAI)
  - PennApps is happening pretty soon---signups are closed
    - If you REALLY want a slot, tell [Danny Cooper](dannyc at bu.edu) in
the next 4 hours!

- CTF stuff
  - Capture-the-Flag (CTF) competitions, explained
    - Competitions where you have to complete tasks that involve
traditional computer security hacking
  - Boston Key Party CTF 2014
    - Organized in collaboration with Northeastern, and a few other places
    - [Allan](wirtha at bu.edu) is leading this project
    - We especially need people to test challenges and see how they are!
    - We are a pre-qualifying round for
[DEFCON](http://www.defcon.org) CTF this summer!
  - [StripeCTF3](https://stripe-ctf.com/) 2014 is running NOW!!!
Register to compete. Also talk to [Allan Wirth](awirth at bu.edu)
  - Matasano is running a continuous online CTF right now called
    - [Chris Woodall](cwoodall at bu.edu) has done several challenges
      - For instance: hacking into a (simulated) bluetooth-based lock
    - Individuals work on it alone.

- Status of Room
  - The door is kind of broken right now
    - We __should__ be able to swipe in, and display something on the screen
    - [Allan Wirth](wirtha at bu.edu) will be working on that this weekend

- Workshops in the future
  - [Kenshin](ben10 at bu.edu) will be running (machine-learning
oriented) algorithms seminars

After this first meeting, we'll try and spend more time talking about project
ideas people have, projects that we're working on, workshops people want to
give, and what we want to learn.

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