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Thank you so much to all who joined me on today's walk, made a
contribution or helped spread the word!  It was an awesome day.

The corruption of our political system is so important to
our country that my wife and I decided to take our kids out
of school on Friday Jan 24 to join the final day of the walk
together.  There is no better way for our children to learn
about democracy than with their feet!  If you can join us,
let me know.

More info: http://march.nhrebellion.org/

David Booth

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Dear Friends,

In honor of Web prodigy and activist Aaron Swartz, who died
tragically just a year ago, I have signed up to walk a portion
of a 185-mile awareness walk to help end the corruption of our
government that is caused by our current system of campaign
financing, which Aaron was working to end.   Please watch this
awesome TED talk by Lawrence Lessig, and let others know about
it: http://on.ted.com/Lessig

If you'd like, you can also make a donation to support this
effort, called the NH Rebellion: http://tinyurl.com/m964xoj

Or join the walk yourself: http://march.nhrebellion.org/
If you wish to walk with me, I'll be walking the leg from
Shaker Village (next door to where I grew up) to Concord on
Monday January 20 (Martin Luther King holiday), and would be
delighted to have your company.

Please also help spread the word about this important cause
that cuts across both conservative and liberal lines and
affects the heart of our government.

David Booth
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