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Want to do something with your summer, and want to learn how to make
all kinds of things? I'm looking for a summer intern to help out with
teaching classes, building things, and managing inventory. This will
be an unpaid internship, but I will occasionally have work for you
that I'm getting paid for, and in those cases I'll certainly pay you
as well. In exchange for your time I'll teach you how to make all
kinds of things, give you a membership to the Asylum, and provide some
space for you to work on projects and store materials. Unfortunately
due to Asylum insurance, I won't be able to accept anyone under 18
years of age.

My name is Jimmie Rodgers. I'm currently the Electronics and Robotics
manager at the Asylum, and I've made a living from open source
hardware for the past 5 years. I've traveled around the world speaking
at conferences, teaching workshops, and generally working on open
source projects. Last year I was co-chair of the Open Hardware Summit,
and traveled to China to help set up a residency program with
Universities for hackers and artists. I teach quite a bit around the
Asylum as well, and I run a free weekly night in E&R where people can
learn how to solder. I've used every single shop here in the Asylum to
make all kinds of things, and I'm tested out on nearly every piece of
equipment. I can teach many forms of traditional fabrication, digital
fabrication, and programming. Swing by the Asylum some time and chat
with me, as I'm usually around.

What I'll expect from you? I'll expect you to generally be around the
Asylum most days, and be reliable about coming in when you've said
you'll be here. I tend to spend 10+ hours a day here, which I do not
expect to hold you to, but it gives you quite a large time-frame to
come in for a few hours each day. Largely you'll be doing various
tasks from sorting parts, to helping me fabricate things, and helping
me document the things I'm working on. I'm expecting you to work about
10-20 hours per week, which will fluctuate. You'll need to be self
motivated in many of the tasks, and will need to prompt me to give you
more things when you've completed whatever tasks I've given you.

What you can expect from me? I'll make sure I'm available to help you
out in learning whatever it is you wish to learn around here. You'll
be best served if you have an idea or a project you'd like to work on.
If you are a motivated self-learner, then I'll certainly be able to
help direct you towards accomplishing whatever tasks you wish to work
on. You'll also have access to my parts and materials for building
things, and I'll help you in sourcing materials through my discounted
channels. As previously mentioned you get an Asylum membership, access
to my space, and training in any shop I'm able to train people in.
I'll occasionally have paid work for you, which will be separate from
the internship.

When will you start? I'm going to be on tour in the UK and Germany
through mid April through most of May. So this will likely start in
the beginning of June.

What should you do to apply? Send me some info about yourself. Things
like: Are you already part of the Artisan's community or are you
interested in getting involved here? What kinds of things are you
interested in learning, and what projects are you interested in
working on? What are some of the things you've already made? What kind
of time restrictions would you have this summer (jobs, trips, etc),
and generally when would you be free to do work?

Feel free to ask me questions you have, and also feel free to pass
this around to groups outside of the Asylum community.

Jimmie Rodgers
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