[builds-list] Pi Day at the MOS Boston (Volunteers Needed)

Joseph Paul Cohen joseph at josephpcohen.com
Wed Feb 12 12:59:49 EST 2014

We need your help! The Museum of Science Boston is putting on a Pi day
event and we do not have enough activities/people!

To help pick a activity below, design your own activity, or just
volunteer in general! Let me know ASAP.

Help Prof. Ethan Bolker of UMB demonstrate Buffon's needle. For this
we need many helpers during the event and at least one to work on

Help Prof. Al Leisinger of UMB give an interactive Mobius strip
presentation. We should have at least one person to help the audience
create their own mobius paper strips and to deal with supplies.

Here are two that I thought up. We would need to get these ready beforehand.

Vector Space: a large XYZ axis (just pieces of wood) and a point (a
ball). There would be a sensor in the ball and on the axis so the
vector from the origin to the point is displayed on the screen.

Integration with sand: There is a curve and you want to find the area
under it. There is a container like an ant farm that has the curve
drawn on it (with the written formula) You place sand in the container
so that it lines up to the line and then you measure the mass of the
sand with something else to find the area under the curve. It should
match up the the area calculated using integration.

University of Massachusetts Boston

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