[builds-list] Rooting Android Seminar

Linus Krom lk at lkro.me
Fri Feb 7 19:31:12 EST 2014


I will be hosting an android rooting/flashing/customizing seminar on
Saturday, 2/15 @ 4pm.

Rooting an android device allows you to block ads, install custom apps,
uninstall bloatware, install linux, and countless other improvements to
your device.

I will teach a bit about android roms and rooting, and then hopefully go
around and help everyone with the root/flash/customization process for
their particular device.

Whether your phone is totally stock or rooted or flashed or you are unsure
what any of those words mean, I will be able to help you get the most out
of your phone or tablet.

- A[j] Trainor
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