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Candidate Update:

President: Allan Wirth (Boston Key Party)
Vice-President: Huy Le
Treasurer: Winston Chen
Secretary: Dean Shi, AJ Trainor (Boston Key Party)

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There is voting tomorrow. Starting at 6:00pm the contested position of
Vice-President will have time to make statements. I was told by both
parties (I believe) that this is desired, so I will abide. If you want to
last minute be added to the official ballot or change your running
position, please message me.

As an additional note WRITE INS ARE ACCEPTABLE.

All candidates should be available starting at 7:30pm for a Make_BU meeting.

The voting will run from 6:00pm to 7:00pm if you can't show up at that time
please send an email to CWOODALL at BU.EDU with the subject: EBOARD 2014-2015
and your choices inside.

I will not disclose who voted (reason for not doing acm at bu.edu is to
prevent future officers for looking at the ballots).

Please vote for all positions even if they are "uncontested" since
write-ins are officially acceptable no position is considered uncontested.

Current Ballot

President: Allan Wirth
Vice-President: AJ Trainor, Huy Le
Treasurer: Winston Chen
Secretary: Dean Shi

Chris W.
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