[builds-list] Reminder: Intro to Git and Github

Christopher Woodall cwoodall at bu.edu
Mon Sep 23 12:39:13 EDT 2013

Hey Guys,

This Friday at 5pm I will be running a tutorial/workshop session on
Git and Github. The goal will
be to get you up and running with Git and an understanding of how to
push, pull, fork, etc from Github. We will also cover some Github
things like forming a pull request, and submitting issues.

A majority of BUILDS projects use git and github (including our
website), so you can start
contributing to some of our projects. Also, an understanding version
control will aid you in class
projects, make contributing to open source projects easier and
even make you look better to employers. So I suggest coming by.

- Download git: http://git-scm.com/
- Make a github account: http://www.github.com/
- You can also go through the Try Git interactive tutorial: http://try.github.io

Chris W.

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