[builds-list] Electronic parts catalog?

Christopher Woodall chris.j.woodall at gmail.com
Sun Sep 22 18:51:39 EDT 2013

Go for it! This sounds pretty awesome.

I need to finish my KiCAD supplier link tool using Octopart at some
point in time... I started, but I never got to a usable place.

On Sun, Sep 22, 2013 at 4:42 PM, Alex Whittemore <alexw at bu.edu> wrote:
> In case anyone cares, I looked into this again today. My notes are:
> ECDB (http://ecdb.net/about.php) - Unfortunately really immature. Not much
> more than a reasonably pretty front-end to a basic parts DB, effectively a
> glorified spreadsheet. And hosted, at that. Although actually, the
> maintainer decided he didn't have time or know-how to keep going, so it's
> now OSS (https://github.com/ElectricMan/ecDB#readme). Development has been
> stale for 6m.
> Partslist (http://www-aws.arenasolutions.com/products/partslist/) - I love
> partslist! And the vendor integration is tremendous (and I guess it even
> supports filling out unpopulated data via Octopart? That's neat!).
> Unfortunately, it's not free as in speech (not a requirement for me) or even
> as in beer, unless you're using it personally (so that's fine for me). It's
> also NOT an inventory management system, and isn't trying to be. It's a BOM
> manager for individual projects. Now, that said, the vendor integration is
> so good, and the project lists support CSV export - it might be a great tool
> for batch importing data to your spreadsheet or app, where you then add info
> that can't be auto-populated (like quantity, location in your
> cabinets/drawers, etc). This plus a basic web app that supports CSV import
> would be a great start.
> partkeepr (http://www.partkeepr.org/) - This one's actually reasonably
> mature, under active development, and pretty feature-complete. It's almost a
> little overkill for what I need, though it's designed for exactly the
> purpose. Unfortunately, no import functionality, definitely not directly
> from a distributor/octopart link (like partslist).
> I think going forward I'm going to start a casual side-project along the
> lines of ECDB which supports, at first, CSV import from Partslist output,
> then eventually ideally integrates with the octopart API. Eventually, it'd
> be cool to have a mobile app with something like OCR support that
> semi-automatically adds parts by snapping a photo of the marking, prompting
> for quantity and anything that can't be automatically worked out (
> manufacturer, variant, etc).
> Of course, it'll probably never actually go anywhere or achieve any state of
> usability :)
> --
> Alex Whittemore
> 617-213-0890 (GV)
> On Mon, Sep 9, 2013 at 2:30 PM, Christopher Woodall
> <chris.j.woodall at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Thank you Alex!
>> So I am actually working with the octopart API right now. I am trying
>> to make a kicad plugin to read in a kicad schematic and allow you to
>> do a supplier link on your parts in some nice way. Something similar
>> could be done for a database in fact and would not be very far off. If
>> you don't find anything you obviously think will work we should chat
>> about it, because I would love to have such a system, as would the
>> guys at Octopart (they are really trying to plug their stuff).
>> From,
>> Chris W.

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