[builds-list] Details about the Travel Data Hackathon this weekend

Kenshin Maybe algorithmicascension at gmail.com
Fri Oct 18 02:48:09 EDT 2013

Full details for the hackathon this weekend. *Note my introduction in the
meeting to the event only mentioned Friday, but the actual hackathon is

Find correlations and trends in the mountains of data generated by the
travel, tourism and hospitality industry. Visualize, sonify, apply, and do
what you do, hackers!

Computing power, bandwidth, exclusive data sets, mentors, and domain
experts will be available. There will be cash and travel prizes given away
just for showing up!

What are the patterns of flight delays?
How crowded is our airspace and what are the implications?
What searching and shopping patterns are detected in the data?
How can data visualizations present patterns in the data sets?
What marketing patterns, problems and solutions can be seen in shopping,
flight routes, and other data?
What other publicly available data (e.g., weather, seasonal
events/holidays, etc.) can be matched against the proprietary data provided?
What public policy issues might be addressed from patterns in this travel
OR SOMETHING ELSE which uses the data…

WHERE - Hack / Reduce (275 3rd St, Green to Red line to MIT/Kendall, or CT2)


Friday, October 18, 6-9 pm for a social meetup and event overview
Saturday, *October 19, 9am – 9pm*: hackathon, presentations/judging and
award ceremony. Meals included for hackers.

$1,000 for best travel business-related project (picked by our judges)
$1,000 for best computing project (picked by our judges)
$1,000 most creative, awesome use of data (winner crowd-voted by hackers)

$500 hotel voucher awarded in random drawing
More prizes to be announced
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