[builds-list] Meeting Minutes for 2013-10-09

Christopher Woodall chris.j.woodall at gmail.com
Wed Oct 9 20:44:45 EDT 2013

Recorded by George Silvis and posted on the builds website

# Recent Events
- HackMIT was last weekend
  - At least John and Kenshin were there, as well as some friends from
other schools
  - Sean ([swsmith at bu.edu](mailto:swsmith at bu.edu)) and his team made a
Chrome addon that can visualize internet usage
  - John ([jmoore15 at bu.edu](mailto:jmoore15 at bu.edu)) and others also
made something.
    - You can see it in action at

# Upcoming Events
- CSAW Recap
  - Still in planning stage
  - Hopefully next week
- Soldering Workshop
  - $10 equipment charge for soldering kit
  - PHO 105, October 25, 4-6 PM
  - Talk to Chris ([cwoodall at bu.edu](mailto:cwoodall at bu.edu))
  - Being put on together with ECE department
  - If you want to go, FILL OUT THE FORM that Chris is sending to the email list
  - If it fills up too much, BUILDS'll host another one soon
- Intro to Arduino Workshop
  - Currently working out how to acquire Arduinos.  (Arduini?)
  - Will be an ongoing project once it starts
- Binary Pwning Seminar II
  - Will happen once CS 210's lab finishes (about 3 weeks?)
- Lincoln Labs: Weekend of October 25
  - We have two teams
    - Both are being led by experienced BUILDS members, and should be
placed to do well and have fun
  - There are generally a few "seminars" held by the organizers in the
weeks beforehand
  - We'll announce them here when we know---attendance is encouraged!
  - There is also a "SKIRMISH" this Saturday
    - There'll be an email soon
- Science Hack Day, and the associated project competition
  - October 19-20, Harvard Campus
  - Sign up for the event here:
# Ongoing Projects
- Kenshin's Machine Learning Group
  - This Friday at 5 PM:  Solving 'Cookie Clicker'
  - Talk to Kenshin ([ben10 at bu.edu](mailto:ben10 at bu.edu))
  - Mondays at 6 PM
  - Supplies are being chosen, and design should start soon
  - Prototype by end of semester, hopefully!
    - Programmable, and should make noise
  - Talk to Chris ([cwoodall at bu.edu](mailto:cwoodall at bu.edu))
- Ceiling Tile Revitalization Initiative
  - Chris's LED Tile
    - It glows!
    - There's code available at github.com/cwoodall/FireTile3x3
    - Danny ([dannyc at bu.edu](mailto:dannyc at bu.edu)) is working on a
prototyping tool for testing appearance on your computer
    - It's in an early stage of development, but it sure do look pretty!

# Administrative Matters
- Please don't sleep on the couch too much
  - It isn't great for a working environment in BUILDS
- Try to keep the tables (etc) clean too, for people who are working
- If you want to be in the door database so you can swipe into BUILDS...
  - Talk to Allan ([wirtha at bu.edu](mailto:wirtha at bu.edu))!

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