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I hope you guys might be interested in coming to Science Hack Day
Boston? It's a weekend hackathon for projects at the intersection of
science, technology, and design. At the San Francisco events,
biohacking has always been popular and yielded awesome prototypes. For
example, the DNAquiri was born there! Also, one of our co-organizers
has lab space in the building, so we are trying to figure out how
collaborations on projects with a wet lab component may be possible.

This will happen on the B1 level of Northwest Labs @ Harvard from
October 19-20th. We'll do some intros and lightning talks after
registration opens on Saturday morning, then start hacking. We will
keep the venue open all night, and then in the afternoon on Saturday,
do presentations and awards, etc. You can register here (it's free);
our wiki for hashing our project ideas is here. Even if you won't be
able to make it, I'm sure people would love to hear your suggestions!

Let me know if you have questions!


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