[builds-list] Reminders about BUCLD, Boston Data Festival

Kenshin Maybe algorithmicascension at gmail.com
Fri Nov 1 01:42:53 EDT 2013

The talks are FRIDAY TODAY 9AM to 10:30AM on the second floor of the GSU.
The lineup:

A* computational model* of generalization in phonetic category learning
Role of perceptual similarity in the acquisition of phonological
alternations: A biased *Maximum Entropy learning model*
Learning from multiple acoustic cues for phoneme acquisition: Infants’
input, infants’ perception, and *neural network* simulations

Boston Data Festival is fast approaching! Notable talks include
Tuesday November 5th 06:00 PM Mining Highly Imbalanced Data @ hack/reduce
Thursday November 7th 06:00 PM Deep Learning – The Future of Machine
Learning and AI @ Fidelity Auditorium
Thursday November 7th 07:00 PM Predicting Stock Prices with Maximum
Accuracy @ Fidelity Auditorium

Hope to see you guys there!
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